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Initial Consultation
Visit existing house and/or property and discuss owner’s objectives.
Review documentation of existing conditions.
Provide preliminary assessment and recommendations.

Develop lists, i.e. kitchen appliances, number of rooms, square feet per.
Describe specific features: Tai-Chi Deck, Insomnia Nook, Laundry Palace.
Establish design references: tear sheets, local examples, Pinterest, etc.

Site Analysis
Coordinate as-built drawings, survey, soils report, arborist report, etc.
Assess views, access, privacy, prevailing winds, and topographical features.
Review title report for legal description, easements, rights of way, etc.

Code Review
Planning Code: parking requirements, floor area, height limits, etc.
Design Guidelines: massing, sunlight, privacy, screening, views, etc.
Local Ordinances: grading moratoria, heritage trees, fireplaces, etc.

Conceptual Design/Feasibility Study
Determine whether to renovate, build from scratch, or move.
Is the cost of the project justified by the improvement in quality of life?
Can owner’s objectives be met within cost and planning parameters?

Schematic Design
Develop site plan, floor plans, sections and elevations.
Provide perspective views and cardboard models, if required.
Provide preliminary selection of exterior materials, colors and finishes.

Design Review
Notify and meet with neighbors, coordinate construction of story poles.
Submit application to Planning Department with presentation materials.
Present project at public hearing with Planning Commission, etc.
Respond to comments and revise as required.

Design Development
Develop building sections and construction details.
Develop interior elevations and reflected ceiling plans.
Develop preliminary door, window, finish and fixture schedules.
Develop preliminary lighting layout and cabinetry design.

Construction Documents
Finalize and coordinate structural design with architectural design.
Finalize mechanical/electrical/plumbing plans.
Finalize interior elevations and design of millwork/cabinetry.
Finalize door, window, finish, plumbing and light fixture schedules.
Finalize energy calculations, grading and drainage plan.

Permit Submittal
Submit construction documents for building permit
Respond to plan check comments, coordinate revisions and resubmit.

Bidding & Negotiation
Respond to requests for information from contractors.
Assist owner in bid analysis and contractor selection.

Construction Administration
Visit site periodically to verify compliance of construction with design intent.
Coordinate design/build mechanical systems, fire protection, etc.
Review submittals; respond to shop drawings and requests for information.