A photo of the front of a house with vertical wood siding stained a dark brown, a stucco entry, and massive specimen Olive tree.

The gable roof over the main wing of this house creates a barn-like silhouette, clad in vertical wood, stained a dark brown.

Viewed from the street approaching the driveway, the large gable end of the house presents two windows at the main level with a two car garage below and an attic window above. A wooden gate with additional parking stands to the immediate left,. To the right, steps lead to a small covered porch and the main entrance into the house. To the right beyond the entrance stands a tower-like element housing the office, which in turn leads to an outdoor patio covered by a wood trellis, the first of several terraces stepping up the hill toward the back of the property. A large specimen Olive tree was planted by the front steps to the house.

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